SolarEdge PVlogger

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SolarEdge PVlogger monitoring solution with a 3 year logging license.

Inclusive 1x 1 phase FP4All kWh module for max. 25A load.

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SolarEdge PVlogger monitoring solution inclusive 1x 1 phase FP4All kWh module 25A.

re you looking for a quality monitor product for your energy consumption of usage of more different kind of equipment ?
Then you have found the optimal solution here.
The provided kWh modules will be read out via an RS485 bus and will monitor the AC voltage, current, power, energy and frequency of the powergrid.

There can be connected up to 9x kWh modules to one logger.

The maximum power of the 1 phase kWh module is maximal 240V / 25A.

Keep an eye on the system with the APP and compare with neighbors and friends.

This logger comes with a standard 3 year logging subscription. After these 3 years you can take out a new subscription for 2 years or 5 years.

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